14 July 2011


Wow, it's amazing to see my family again! I watched my cousin's softball movie & it brought back so many memories! I'm so jealous she gets to play on a major team- that was always one of my dreams. Before surgery I was anticipating going to college & playing pro sports- I dreamed of playing on the Akron Roo's volleyball team & that was one of my goals. The thrill of diving on the court, spiking, passing, digging & the loud cheers of the crowd- it makes my heart race! I LOVE the atmosphere in sports! I also wanted to be an Olympic runner- in fact sprinter. I've always loved to run- love the thrill, sweat, competition. Softball was another one of my passions- sliding, bloody knees & battle wounds, feeling the crush of the ball on my bat, etc. I do wonder, however if this was all an illusion- a dream. Was I really an athlete or is it all in my head? I have no way to "prove" that I was; maybe I'm exaggerating! I thought I was athletic & fit, but maybe I was a "legend" in my OWN head; I don't know. Sports was my life, or so I thought for many years. I'm having trouble reliving these days as you can tell! Life really does go by in such a blur- too quickly! I know that I have to let go of the past; I'm struggling however w/ truth- what memories were real? I miss sports!!

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