Trim Healthy Mama

Trim Healthy Mama is a Biblical approach to eating and taking care of your "temple", where the Holy Spirit himself dwells. It is not just another "fad diet", requiring you to count calories or cut out food groups, but rather is a balanced, natural lifestyle change. For many years I lived a slave to anorexia, numbing the pains of severe starvation and pushing past my body's adamant cries for love and nurturing. After facing death too many times to count, I finally surrendered to God's leading and found Trim Healthy Mama (THM), which has helped me immensely to break free from my addiction and find true "Food Freedom". I no longer need to count calories or exchanges but instead tune into my body and listen to its needs rather than trying to override them. It has been the most brutal struggle of my life, but God is gracious and every day provides me with the strength needed to live in victory! If you are tired of feeling LESS than your best, check out Trim Healthy Mama and order the plan book now to become familiar with this new lifestyle. 

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