18 June 2011

Beautiful Insanity

  Wow- my life has been crazy, yet I love it to death! My life right now is pretty much homework, college, volunteering & anything else I can squeeze into there! (Of course church on Sundays!) I love the busyness, most of the time! I've only been going to college for 2 full weeks now, & Monday is already midterms. Insane! I like, how it goes by quickly, however.        

 My mind is a little flustered right now; so much going on! Yesterday I volunteered at Akron Children's straight from college. It was amazing! I was the hostess at the surgery desk, which was different for me! I saw Dr. R, who was doing a Scoliosis surgery. The doctors come up to "my desk", where I sit & explain the surgery, what they did, how it went, etc. to the parents. However, with a back fusion, the doctors don't only come out once to see the family, as it is a long surgery; mine was over 7 hrs. So, if they were to wait until the end of the surgery to inform the family, can you imagine how anxious the family would be?! I'm glad they do it this way! For me, emotional, psychological, mental healing, etc. were the hardest aspects of healing & recovery. For me, it was alot easier to heal physically. Anyway, back to volunteering! :) I absolutely adore my new volunteer job. I love talking to the doctors- they're so incredible! The way they comfort the families, know what they're doing- I just love to watch it! I've never seen it b4 this, as I've always been the patient, so it's amazing to see the other side; another experience. I so respect, admire, & appreciate doctors- maybe I should marry one! ;) heehee I also love talking to the families, paging them to speak to the doctor, registering them, answering the phone, & taking the family back to see the patient. It's so amazing! I walk too fast, however! lol I try to slow down, but it's hard when I'm in front! Sometimes they're way behind! lol I also love looking at the surgery sheet & seeing what surgeries are going on, checking them off once finished, & reading the huge words- I love to learn new words, meanings & terms! I love the medical field!  Well, life has definitely changed since I've been going to college. It's a hard transition, but it's going well! God is my strength! In Writing class, we talk about alot of the problems in this country- it's so depressing to see all that's going on! We have to write essays on issues like race, marriage/divorce/homosexual- so many things in this world are so messed up! At times I find myself asking God to come & take me away- but then I remember why I'm here; not only for myself, but also for others. He still needs me on this earth, although sometimes I want so badly for Him to come b4 the world gets any worse- so many people are straying from Him; Why doesn't He just come?! Oh well, I'm trying to trust His timing! When I'm not at college & looking at the media, etc. these thoughts are so much easier to overcome! It's hard because in class part of our grade is class discussion. It takes me awhile to speak openly about personal issues, especially to people I don't know! We all have different opinions, beliefs; it's just a huge stretch for me! All of the terms where we have to identify which one we are, figure out what we believe; I tend to stay quiet out of fear of being judged, etc.I'm getting better, however! I'm also learning the balance of empathizing- I haven't quite found it yet!Check out my post on Akron Children's hospital!!


Jason said...

Hey Chelsea! I can so relate. It took me so long to finally be able to speak out in my discussion classes. Just give it time, keep forcing yourself to get out of your comfort zone bit by bit, and you will never regret it. I've found that classroom discussions are some of the best times to be a witness for God! God Bless you as you attempt to conquer college. Its so overwhelming at first, but you learn to get through it!

from ashes to beauty said...
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