What Makes Me Unique

As one of our many activities at Selah, we made a list of the different character personalities we possess; what makes each of us unique. I LOVED this activity- it was so much fun & I could've kept on going for hours! I believe that these characteristics of me are intertwined & will always be a part of me. To give you an idea of what makes me unique, here's what I came up with:

Wild Child
1) Animal print
2) Hot Sports car
3) Bold clothing
4) the Brightest colors!
5) the newest technology
She loves to make a statement; doesn't like to be forced to do things & likes to rebel. She loves the shock factor! She likes being noticed and having fun & is sick of blending in with the crowd.
Bohemian Chic
1) long colorful maxi dresses
2) gladiator snadals
3) curly natural hair
4) big chunky jewelry
She is carefree, loves to feel the wind in her hair & the cool and tickling sensation of grass touching her body. The sense of touch is important to her; she loves the feel of different textures and everything feels differently to her. She loves to look natural and to let her hair go how it wants. She loves to twirl around in her dresses & to feel the wind blowing her dress. She also loves bold chunky jewelry and bright colors.
Glam Diva
1) sequins and glitter
2) fancy, expensive gowns
3) diamonds
4) high heels
5) expensive glamorous jewelry
She loves the "wow" factor and also to live the "rich life". She loves diamonds - the more the better & the bigger the better! She also CAN'T get enough sparkle & glitter!! She likes to get dressed up for special occasions in fancy, expensive gowns & wear high heels and expensive jewelry like diamonds- NOT gold, though!! She loves to feel beautiful: to get her make-up done, hair curled, etc.
Thrill Seeker
1) roller coasters
2) running shoes
3) cleats
4) sports equipment
5) sweaty/ dirty clothes from athletics
6) scrapes and bruises- "battle scars"
She loves roller coasters; there's not one too scary to try as she'll try anything. She loves SPEED- is never satisfied with going slow & being compliant; she's always on the go seeking a new adventure! She LOVES a challenge! She loves to run her fastest & to leave everyone else in the dust- running is thrilling and relieving! She LOVES to play sports- to sweat and play hard; diving, falling....anything to satisfy her competitiveness! She never gives up! She also loves to watch sports- the Indians, OSU, etc. Volleyball is her passion, also; nothing feels better then diving/flying around on the volleyball court! "No pain, no gain!"
 1) candles
2) flowers
3) ribbons
4) lace
She loves to be treated like a queen; to have someone (a suitor) chase after her. She believes in the existence of chivalry; she wants a knight in shining armor who'd do anything for her- who'd chase after her like in the old, romantic days. She also loves candlelight, to feel romantic in lace, and pastel/romantic colors as in peach. She also loves flowers, whether in the grass, on her table or in her hair! She loves to put ribbons in her hair or on her clothes. 
Real Natural
1) worms & spiders; creepy crawlies
2) old, worn & torn clothes to destroy!
3) gun & camo
4) bug catcher
5) fishing pole
She loves to get dirty and to experience nature & life to its fulness. She could spend days outside & loves being in the wild of nature- camping, white water rafting, repelling, rock climbing, hiking, zip-lining, tubing, water-skiing, jumping off of rocks into a lake, hunting, 4-wheeling, etc. She also loves to play with worms , spiders & other bugs; when she was little she picked the legs off of daddy long legs, played w/ toads, etc. She loves to go hunting- to see and embrace nature's beauty & to provide yummy meat for her family. She loves to go barefoot- to feel the sand, dirt, mud in her toes. Textures enthrall her. She loves doing anything in nature- from tubing in a lake to laying in the grass watching the clouds. She also loves to be outside in the rain- to slip & slide in the mud & get filthy; also, she likes the noise of thunderstorms.
Fashion Queen 
1) stylish boots
2) dark washed jeans
3) stylish & bold clothing
4) headbands & accessories to complete the look & make it her own
5) bold & stylish jewelry/purses to accessorize
6) leggings
7) anything IN STYLE!!
She loves fashion and everything in style. She's willing to try new styles & to be the first person to wear something- to be a trend-setter. She LOVES trend-setting!! She also loves to accessorize and complete the outfit- to make fashion FUN!! She loves to have her OWN style- to make things her own & to be individually recognized.
Playful Child 
1) Disney characters
2) stuffed animals
3) animated movies
4) colorful & BOLD patterns
She has a huge imagination & is in fact a dreamer. Life is limitless in her eyes - the excited eyes of a child. Life is EXCITING! She loves to act like a child - to be care free & to LAUGH! Laughter heals her soul. This child can't stop smiling as she sees the world through the eyes of a fascinated child. She also looks for fun wherever she goes- she brings boldness & playfulness to her clothes/patterns. She's not afraid to stand out!
Fun Loving Nurse 
 1) playful scrubs: fun & playful patterns, colors & styles
2) Purell hand sanitizer
3) PINK stethoscope
4) blinged out & sticker covered clipboard/name tag 
This nurse loves being CRAZY & having fun with the kids. She  loves to wear crazy scrubs; the kids are attracted to her as she plays with them- they view her as on of them! She brings FUN to nursing! There's NO other nurse like her! She is funny an loves to make kids laugh- she's an extremely social butterfly. She also loves clean and organized hospitals- the smell makes her happy! She makes sure to stay clean, stay organized & keep everything sanitary. 
 Disney Princess
1) Ariel
2) Cinderella
3) Mulan
4) Pocahontas
This girl loves to live in a fairytale- to DREAM! She possesses the qualities of a Disney princess as she's a Disney girl at heart. She's compassionate & "girly", but with a thick streak of tomboy!
School Girl
1) school books
2) calculator
3) notebook
4) cute folders
5) cell phone w/ calendar
6) laptop
She loves to learn new things- joy comes from learning new perspectives & anything new! She lives to learn!! She's constantly looking for answers & has lots of questions. Sometimes she thinks too realistically! 
Farm girl/ country girl
1) country music: Taylor Swift, Josh Turner,etc.
2) cowboy hat
3) jeans
4) plaid
5) beat up/ old vehicle 
She loves to live in the country! Country music makes her happy- especially the low voice of Josh Turner! She loves the "country style"- the simplicity. She also loves climbing the rafters in the barn & shooting animals with a b-b gun. There's adventure all around her!

This is a look into the many shades of me; that's why I believe in spending time with people & getting to know them- diversity is beautiful! I like to get to know the person inside- who they really are; to separate assumptions from reality & truth! I believe that this takes time! I also love to hear about the lives & experiences of others! I hope you enjoyed reading this! I sure had fun writing it!