05 December 2011

My Life Lately

I’m BACK…….did ya miss me?! My life has been complete insanity these last several weeks; what a surprise, huh?! I am greatly anticipating my winter break which is already next week; next week is finals & then I’m DONE……if I pass with a C or higher in each class, that is! I really hope I don’t have to retake Chemistry; Abba, Father, I fully surrender my life to you. Take the humble pieces I have to offer & transform me into your image- the image of beauty and perfection. I lay my life…my future at your feet.
On the nineteenth my family loaded into our SUV to pick up my favorite twin; it seemed so surreal to have so much time with her!  We loaded all of her stuff into the trunk and got ready to drive to the 2011 Commissioning Service. God, why have you blessed me so much as to have such an amazing family; the only thing I have to offer you is my life which could never repay!  The Commissioning service was amazing and so powerful; the presence of God made me shiver as it was so evident. To see the five teams up front, giving everything they had to God was beyond humbling and inspirational to me; it reminded me that “we were made to be courageous & it starts with us tonight” (Casting Crowns). During the prayer of sending my twin out into foreign land tears flooded my eyes and covered my face; the change that has occurred & is still occurring in my twin is overwhelming; since the day I entered the doors of Selah THIS is what I prayed for & put in my prayer pillow (among many other requests). I don’t want to give my twin up- to miss seeing her once again after being separated so many times- but I realize that the world needs my twin; I am so incredibly proud of her & do not find myself worthy to be called her twin; this all seems like a dream!
Thanksgiving………a time of reunion & irreplaceable memories; this year did not let me down! The house full of screaming kids, laughing adults, flashes from the camera, the smell of Thanksgiving dinner; for the 1st time in several years too many I could genuinely enjoy these things among many other moments! In 2009, on Thanksgiving Day I was preparing to leave my family for two, which turned into three, months in order to restore my near lifeless body. Last year, in 2010 on Thanksgiving my family gathered together for a time I’ll never forget; the last time we spent with my grandpa before his stroke. My life was also quickly spiraling out of control, once again, into the grips of Anorexia; after my grandpa’s stroke he told me “we’re going to fight to get better together”; I was no longer fighting for only myself as the devil was already beat by my God as not one, but TWO lives in my family were spared! 
My last days, for six months, with my sister were filled with unending “catching up” among many other adventures; the twin sister I remember & have prayed for is back! It turns out I’ve actually missed her spunkiness & bossiness! Heehee
Since she’s been gone I’ve been kept busy with school, volunteering, God, & sports; I recently borrowed Tim Tebow’s book “Through My Eyes” and am enthralled with the truly unique story shared. This man, a well-known quarterback for the Denver Broncos, is showing the image of God to the world after being ridiculed & torn down. After being in the eyes of the public, going pro, having unending and truly out of this world talent, & being surrounded with the lusts of this fallen world Tim Tebow is still standing strongly in love with his God- MY God!! He truly has inspired me in tremendous ways to give all that I have to God because nothing is my own; no talents, possessions nor life. Even though he & Florida beat OSU in the finals several years ago, I still admire him. Oh, & just FYI…… Urban Meyer, the coach of Florida at the time, is going to be Ohio State’s new football coach! God, your beauty astounds me! You truly do bring beauty from ashes!

They look better in OSU colors!

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