27 August 2011

Every Day a Memory

This week has been AMAZING- my last week with my twin sister for 9 months. I’m going to miss her like crazy but am anxiously anticipating what God is going to do in her life; I know she’ll become even MORE beautiful & radiant from the inside out. Please remember her in your prayers as she follows God’s leading to the Himalayas; I’m so excited for her but know it’s going to be hard; however, God is substantial.
Recent years have tested my relationships- especially that of my twin sister; there were many days I felt like giving up; however God showed me to change myself & the rest would follow; once again He was right! “Be the change you wish to see in the world!” My last moments with my sister will be forever engraved in my mind- the spark between us is beginning to reappear!! NOTHING will ever tear us apart; Change is a choice.

On Wednesday night our youth group went to the Randolph fair; I was SO excited!! What is more fun than a group of teens roaming the world?! It was so awesome to be on our own; my youth group is crazy & I love it!! The demolition derby was AWESOME- my fave were the trucks- so much power in those pieces of crap! Lol The sound of car crashes echoed throughout the whole fair- I loved being in on the action- action helps bring out the best in me; I get a little crazy! ;) Life is full of adventure everywhere I go- it’s beautiful!!
          Yesterday we went to Applebee’s for lunch with my grandparents & cousins on dad’s side- it was SO good; oh how I love TASTING food & socializing!! God has blessed me with the greatest family EVER; each & every one of them mean the world to me!! Justin, my crazy/awesome cousin wanted to take us on a plane ride- can I say EXCITING?!! This made my day!! For dinner we went to Danny Boy’s with my grandparents & aunt on my mom’s side- Oh how I <3 them!! Dinner was nothing less than amazing- PEOPLE bring out the best in me as I’m a very social person- I love people & action! Well, after dinner we headed down to the airport to go for an airplane ride in Justin’s 4-seater. I was BEYOND pumped unlike the hesitant rest of my family. We each got our own set of headphones to talk into- it was pure awesomeness; I felt like I was in an action movie!! Justin is the best pilot ever- we are too much alike as he’s also not one to avoid chances & risks; he took us on “roller coaster rides” in the air- I loved feeling my stomach drop (we had barf bags just in case). I asked if we could flip the airplane & do tricks, but he said the engine would get ruined if we flipped it; he instead turned it as far sideways as possible- AWESOMENESS!! A young pilot who’s also your cousin, an airport to yourself, the open sky, crazy cousins looking for fun= insanity & FUN! Cousins don’t get ANY better than those God has placed into my life!!

"This can't be good!"
Our Daring Crippled Pilot

          I love reading inspirational books- my latest discovery is I Dare You; Embrace Life with Passion by Joyce Meyer- it inspires me to live with JOY & so much more; read for yourself if you’re interested because it is SO inspiring; I LOVE to learn & discover new perspectives. You can NEVER know too much about God- I want to spend my whole life discovering Him & His creations!! God has put a passion in my heart; one that’s AVAILABLE to ALL!! I didn’t do anything but accept this gift & follow Him; I truly am nothing – my GOD is EVERYTHING!! This is humbling yet beautiful- I don’t have to be anyone other than myself & who GOD created me to be- ONE OF A KIND!!!

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marilyn said...

What an awesome post. I love where you said that God showed you to change yourself and the rest would follow. You are a breath of fresh air. Luv u!