09 September 2011

OMG- Life, could you get any more beautiful?! I don’t know where to begin!! I’ll start with today & then back track.  Today I volunteered at the one & only ACH; I was just excited to be at one of my many temporary “homes” here on earth – I was oblivious to the excitement about to happen!! Well, a couple of weeks ago one of my fellow volunteers told me that Miss America was coming to the hospital; I did NOT believe him & thought he was just trying to “pull my leg”. It turns out he wasn’t lying- I got to shake her hand & talk to her!! I was privileged to be called “the sunshine of the hospital”- maybe it’s because I can’t stop smiling when I’m there! She even remembered my name when she was leaving & we chatted; once again God has shown me that we’re all the same in HIS eyes contradicting the world’s opinion!
That’s not all folks; guess who also came to visit the patients (& me!): the Akron Zips!! Let’s just say I was on “cloud 9”! lol These guys are HUGE; another fellow volunteer whom I LOVE to tease decided to put me on the spot. He told them I’m a Kent State fan; they booed at the name of their rival!! I said, “I am NOT a Kent State football fan, I just go there for my degree.” We joked for a little; I never told them I’m actually an Ohio State fan- they would’ve beat me up! ;) Ohio State totally demolished Akron last week!! Go Bucks!! How ironic is it, though, that Miss America & a pro sports team, my two former “dreams” for my life appeared to me on the same day. God, you are SO mysterious & crazy; He showed me that I would be NO better had I gone into one or both of those careers. Once again, my life is in the hands of God & I’m FREE!!
Well, I have started college- INSANITY! I love it; I’m just taking a lot at once! I’ve already made a bff- I love her to death & thank God every day for putting her into my life. On the first day of Chemistry the teacher told us most people flunk his class; way to motivate us! Lol It IS an intense class, but it’s NOT impossible with my God! I’m also taking Biological Structure & Function w/ a lab- I LOVE this class; I can’t tell you how thankful I am for past experiences because the knowledge I’ve gained through experience is irreplaceable & unforgettable! I never realized how sick I really was; severe dehydration, dangerously low potassium, irregular electrolytes & heartbeat can be fatal; God SPARED my life! From a medical standpoint, I’ve learned that health is a scary thing; something I should NOT mess around with- it’s like playing with death! I also find the bone section fascinating- especially the spine. I NOW understand what the terms on my records, x-rays, & doctor’s descriptions mean! We’re learning “Medical terms”, body parts, bones, cells, etc. I’ve also realized how fortunate I am that my spine now looks like the image on the left; it’s perfect! I went from 60 degrees to around 20!!! After all I’ve put my body through, I am one LUCKY girl; I thought I was “cool” or “strong” for testing, ignoring, overdoing/overworking my body, etc- I now realize I was STUPID & na├»ve! Oh how I take everything for granted!
Well, next week my best friend & I are going to give blood at college; it’s been over three years since I’ve done that & it WASN’T for voluntary reasons! Lol It was to save my OWN life! I’m so excited to be able to give back; I DON’T want my life to be about me! This “home” is only temporary- HEAVEN is my true home & I’m living for my KING- I am merely a servant but am the HAPPIEST I’ve ever been! Life is not about me!
Tomorrow we have a Selah reunion- I am literally going to jump out of my skin in anticipation & excitement! How can life get any more beautiful?! I believe it CAN- in fact I KNOW it can!


marilyn said...

I am so happy that you found a BFF, can't wait to meet her. Have fun tomorrow at the Selah reunion.

Kathy said...

That is crazy ironic about the 2 former "dreams" showing up at the hospital the same day! Hmm, almost book worthy... :-)