01 August 2011


Oh how life is so beautiful & full of adventure! This weekend 10 of my girlfriends & I went to a cabin down South in the middle of nowhere. There’s absolutely nothing like the outdoors to make me feel more at home! Saturday night we headed down, about 1 ½ hr. away, & had a blast road tripping! I offered to get gas since I honestly didn’t mind; well, the gas pump “exploded” on me- all over my Under Armour clothes!! I was so mad- I reeked like gas! I had a blast the whole time, though!
Saturday night we stayed up all night watching movies- it was SO much fun! This morning we slept in- a cabin full of 11 girls is CRAZY!! I wanted so badly to go 4-wheeling, so 4 of us hopped on the 4wheeler & took off. I was in absolute heaven- my heart was content! The outdoors can always brighten my day- 4wheeling in the woods is one of my favorite things to do & I haven’t done it for SO LONG! My heart is happy! Four girls squished onto one 4-wheeler flying on the road & through the woods- complete & utter excitement! I couldn’t help but to stand in awe of the absolute beauty & mysteriousness my God has created- it’s so gorgeous outside! Nature fills my heart! Well, while 4-wheeling we discovered a huge mud pit- someone had gotten stuck in the deep mud & left a huge “pit”. We couldn’t resist but to jump in! We went back up to the cabin & changed, then went mudding & mud wrestling. OMG- I had a BLAST!! Not a single inch of skin could be seen, but was covered in mud. It was in our mouths, hair, noses, and hair- literally everywhere! We had a mud fight- I’d call it a “mud fling”! lol Then we took the 4wheeler through the mud & got sprayed- I asked to do it over & over again! Oh, it was so much fun!!
The fun came trying to get clean! Lol The hose water was FREEZING- our bodies were clear numb after rinsing off. I’m guessing we each had at least 10-15 lbs. of mud on us- it was absolutely caked on each one of us! We all took turns rinsing off, helping each other & “fought for” the shower. My skin felt amazing afterwards- mud actually takes off the “old skin”- I felt so fresh! Free facials!! This weekend was filled with chaos- I LOVED it!! All girls, the woods to ourselves, 4-wheelers & pick-up trucks: what more do you need?! Oh how I love riding on the back of pick-up trucks down a hill! It was SO GOOD to get OUT! My heart needed this- I needed a break from “life”. God, thank you for the beauty that exists everywhere I go! I can’t wait for hunting season! Look out nature; I’m BACK!!

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