03 August 2011

Rose ceremony

Surprise, surprise!
Oh how I love volunteering! Today was an exciting day, despite the weather! I went straight from college to ACH; I love the drive there!! One downfall was I had to change out of my “cute clothes” into my volunteering uniform- I LOVED my outfit & didn’t want to change!! I feel so at home in this place- no matter where I am. I got to run errands with my buddies again- I miss them!! I LOVE the volunteers here! I also LOVE the Adolescent staff- I’ve gotten to know them REALLY well from all of my hospital stays. I got to go to lunch with them- so much fun!
After lunch I ran the Locust desk; I like that desk since there are runners to talk to! Then later I went to the Atrium desk & ran that. A little girl needed someone to watch her for a couple minutes, so I offered to let her come back and sit with me- she was SO cute!!! Oh, & today was the first birthday of quintuplets stabilized after birth here at ACH. They had a big party for the five babies!
Anyway, I’ve gotten asked some crazy questions; some people I want to punch!! Lol I have to pray to God to give me patience & to also not take the rude words to heart. A group of 10 or more 18+ year old boys came in & wanted to know where the ER was, so I directed them. When they came back, one boy gave me a gorgeous pink rose; he got a HUGE smile on his face & said something cheesy like, “I know it’s dreary outside so here’s a rose to brighten up your day” & some other things I can’t remember- I was too shocked! His friends started laughing when I gave him a weird look- I was like, “Oh, thanks” but was in shock & curiosity. That made my day- I laughed so hard! I’ve never gotten hit on before while volunteering; that was a new experience! Oh how I love this place- I love the unexpectedness & randomness of every moment! Life, how I love you!!

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marilyn said...

How cute. I am glad you had a good day.