20 August 2011

Summer: Where Have You Gone?!

Summer is almost over! In exactly a week & 2 days I’m back to college; I’m super excited yet nervous- I’ve got a long road ahead of me but the greater picture is what keeps me going; I think of all the people I get to help & serve – to brighten people’s days, bring hope & FUN. The beauty of this is irreplaceable! Every time I doubt my calling as a nurse, God somehow manages to bring someone into my life to confirm to me that I’m on the right path.
. In order to qualify for the bachelor nursing program I have to complete my four major sciences; I’m taking two this semester & hopefully two next semester. My goal is to send my application into the program in time for the soonest acceptance which is next Fall. I don’t know if this is realistically possible, but I’m going to try!
I’ve been getting so excited for the future; working at the hospital helps to keep me motivated! I see all of the nurses with the fun & playful scrubs on- I can’t wait to buy my own! I absolutely love scrubs- I think they can be CUTE; there are so many styles, colors, patterns- they even have ZEBRA!! Now it’s official! Heehee. The stethoscopes are also fun- I want a bright one!! I’m getting so excited!! I think of doing for others what others have done for me in the hospital; I long to bring LIFE to this place. Oh, & I get to pay people back for poking me so often- REVENGE! j/k. When I think of children I think of our future; also how Jesus extravagantly loved the little children.
Yesterday while volunteering I looked at old yearbooks- OMG- NOT a good idea; I laughed so hard! It was so much fun!! I love looking at pictures of when I was younger- I was so cute! ;) heehee I also got out my senior yearbook- that was quite interesting to read my will & also my characteristics.
No, my life is not totally spent at ACH, although it seems like it!! This summer has been insane- each moment has been taken advantage of!! I am amazed at how much yet how little time there is in a day!
I’m about to lose my twin sister for nine months in exactly a week; I’m sad yet excited for what God has in store for her life. She means the world to me & it would be selfish of me to prohibit her from becoming who God wants her to be! I’ve discovered by looking at our senior yearbook that ironically we do have a vast amount of similarities; I always tried to say we were COMPLETE opposites!! I’m jealous that she gets to go to overseas to a foreign country & to experience new things. I want to go bungee jumping & see Mount Everest! I LOVE heights & jumping off things; one thing we do NOT have in common! Lol Oh, I’m going to miss her! This is my last week with her; why did it have to come so fast?!

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