15 August 2011

The past, present & future = BEAUTIFUL

My first semester of college is over!! God, I give you all the credit; without You this wouldn’t have been possible! I’ve been SO BUSY lately & LOVE it! This weekend was a good break, however!!
This weekend my family went camping down south in the woods- there’s NO better place to “de-stress”! The first thing I had to do when we got there was ride 4-wheeler! To me, the whole fun is 4-wheeling through the woods! The 4-wheeler at the campground was shift & I had NO idea how to drive a shift! That wasn’t going to stop me, however!! My heart was content flying through the woods; oh how I love the outdoors! I wanted to ride all of the trails, but one required going over a steep hill; this 4-wheeler was old, to put it frankly, so I was a little hesitant. Well, the 4-wheeler rolled down the hill & I had a slight accident- it was still fun, though! Later I went through the trails & some dogs chased after me; they were right beside my legs since this 4wheeler isn’t the fastest- it was quite an experience! I LOVE 4-wheeling!!! I also fished for a whole 5 minutes- it’s just NOT my thing! I liked putting the bait on & taking the fish off the hook, but the standing around drove me nuts!! All in all it was an exciting weekend & an amazing vacation; amazing to relax in nature!
This morning I had my LAST back appointment with Dr. S- I never have to see this “old man again”! heehee j/k. I can’t believe it’s already been three years since my surgery- it seems like just yesterday! I had my last x-ray (I wish I had pictures!) & was shocked- it still amazes me that THAT’S how my spine looks. I never realized I have rods in my neck- they start at about the top of my neck & go ¾ down my back. It looks amazing because my spine is now FUSED- it’s “as solid as a rock”!! God, once again I stand in awe of your power! I’m a “normal” girl again!! There’s NOTHING better than being in God’s will!!
This week I got my recovery photo book delivered to my house- I am in love with the beauty of this life! The writing in this book, however is TINY; these writings are posted on my two segment pages.
In all honesty I am forever grateful to my beyond amazing doctors at Akron Children’s. Scoliosis is now a segment of my life- my journey. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me; With God’s help I’m aiming to apply for nursing school in a year; it’s going to be hard, but with God life is an adventure!! I still can’t believe I am saying those words- hospitals used to be “hell” to me & the least of my considerations! I don’t know where I will be tomorrow or even in ten years- it’s up to God. I have many dreams & hopes for the future!
                                  Trust in God!!

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