02 October 2011

Family reunited

This weekend we went to Columbus to see my favorite twin- COURTNEY!! What a perfect way to relieve my “fried” brain from three tests in 3 days!! Oh how I’ve dreamed about this day for several years- the day our twin/bff relationship is restored & stronger than ever! God, your timing is inconvenient yet convenient all at the same time! Watch out world, the Sharp twins are BACK & stronger than ever!!
Saturday morning we got to see Courtney for the first time in over a month; she is a CHANGED person. God has indeed done miracles in our relationship; the worries she carried of fear for my life were no longer needed- life is unceasingly beautiful!! She no longer had fear in her eyes; THIS is what I’ve prayed for but indeed do not deserve; God is way too good!!
When we got there all of the teams gave a program; it was amazing to see God working in each & every person there because of each one’s choice to SEEK HIM! This is H-O-P-E!!! After the program we got to take Courtney with us for the night- it was amazing; God filled the small hole in my heart of longing for my twin sister- a part of me! We went to Easton mall- that place is huge!! Of course we went shopping- I picked out camo converse shoes for Courtney; I want to steal them!! ;)  After shopping for an hour or so we went to Der Dutchman for dinner; my grandparents & Aunt Marilyn met us there & we had a blast chatting & getting up-to-date on each other’s lives; family is such a gift & beyond amazing! Der Dutchman is like the Hartville Kitchen of Columbus; we saw SOO many people we knew; I so wouldn’t mind moving there! ;) The gift shop was amazing- my fave was the Ohio State section!!
After dinner my aunt & grandparents parted ways with us to drive home; we dropped the men of the house off at the hotel while we went SHOPPING; what better way to socialize?! We drove back to Easton & finished our mission; OMG- they have this HUGE OSU Buckeyes store w/ everything Ohio State- I seriously could’ve bought the whole store; they pretty much had to drag me out! Lol After roaming all around town we went back to the hotel & guess what we did- SLEPT! Lol We were all exhausted! I kept looking over at Courtney to make sure I wasn’t dreaming & in Heaven- it seemed too good to be true to have my twin sister back; it was just like old times- memories I will treasure forever!
This morning was interesting to only have 1 bathroom & 6 people; plus we had to be at the RIC by 8:30 AM! All went well & we met with Courtney’s team to go to a Nepali church. The team God put Courtney on is beyond perfect for her; I see why she gets along with them so well- I instantly fell in love with each one of them. How can you not love the image of Christ?! It honestly felt like a big family- it makes me long for Heaven! The Nepali church was fascinating; I’ve NEVER experienced anything like it. The Nepali’s are so cute- I love the variety of heritages God has given this world! The service was so unique; the translator was a riot!! It was a breath of fresh air to see a new perspective on so many things; it seemed like I was in another country but was only two hours away from home!!
After church our family went to Olive Garden- Courtney’s choice! It was amazing to socialize; I was content just being in Courtney’s presence! After lunch we went back to the RIC; this place feels just like a home- it’s amazing how this happens in a matter of a day; to me this proves that there’s something special about Christians- a connection present in each member no matter if they’ve met or not. In a way I am jealous of Courtney’s opportunity; the people she’s with, relationships she’s forming, memories she’s making….. it’s all irreplaceable- there’s NOTHING more rewarding then the selfless attitude of serving & seeking the King! It was SOOO special to have 10 or so of our church youth group girls come & visit her; she is SOO loved! The Body of Christ is so amazing- everyone deserves to receive this kind of love & acceptance!
It was hard to leave my twin sister; harder than the first time because of the changes & beauty occurring within her which were only mere dreams before.  NEVER doubt God; the healing we all have received is beyond words! My God deserves to be made KNOWN!

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