09 October 2011


Wow- what a weekend!!! God is SOO good to me; hunting was just what I needed! Honestly, I have been STRESSED OUT!! There’s so much to do, so little time & only 1 me!! I feel like I should be doing more for college then what I am!!
Yesterday I decided literally “spur of the moment” to go hunting; I’d NEVER shot a bow before but felt up to a challenge. I also hadn’t been hunting in over 2 ½ years so I couldn’t wait, so yesterday afternoon we headed down to our property. After getting ready, we headed out to our spots; I got the blind & Carson got the tree stand. OMG- I remember why I LOVE hunting & the outdoors in general! I didn’t especially like the ginormous black spiders in my tent with me, but I was so focused I lost track of them! I kept hearing noises above me & all of a sudden a mouse peeked out from above me; I discovered they had made a nest in the blind in between the ceiling & the rain cover; they DID keep me entertained by running back & forth & even jumping off of the roof! They were so cute!
After sitting for about an hour or so with no luck, all of a sudden a spike came out into “my zone”- I had my bow aimed & finger on the trigger; should I shoot this thing?! If I shot this spike it would’ve counted as my ONLY buck for the year; I really wanted to get a deer soon, but I didn’t want to waste my one buck! So, I put the bow down & waited some more; in the distance I could see two bucks in the woods behind my brother- in the area separating the two fields. I watched & waited, but they never came out! L They came right to the edge of the woods but never into the open; I heard their antlers rattling up in the woods & they never came back! Well, it was quickly getting darker & darker; all of a sudden I looked to my right & there was a doe coming toward me! I quickly brought my bow up, aimed & followed her until she stopped so I could get a good shot; she came about 10-15 yards away from me & stopped- staring at me & my aimed bow. I pulled the trigger & down she went! My brother thought I had killed a man after the funny sound the doe made after I shot her!
After about ½ an hour or so, dad & I hopped onto the 4-wheeler, loaded the doe on, & went back in the woods to gut it. Yes, I did want to gut it myself, but I learn best from watching 1st- I helped & even inspected each organ- it was like biology class!
To be in “my woods” again brought back SOO many amazing memories of camo, 4-wheelers, deer; what I treasure most are the moments of father-daughter bonding, both with my heavenly & earthly fathers! I am so blessed to have 2 dads!! Oh life, you are so beautiful!! 

My 1st deer with a bow!

Muzzle-loader season 3 months post-surgery

My favorite hunting buddy!

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