28 December 2011

Days filled with love

How can life continue to be so beautiful? Every day I’m awestruck by my LOVE & my King who loves me with an everlasting love my brain can’t comprehend. Life is not perfect by any means but I choose to dwell on the positives and beauty in life which can be hidden. God has the capability and power to turn absolutely anything into good; with God goodness always overcomes evil.
                Today I volunteered at ACH; in all honesty I didn’t think it was meant for me to go since so many obstacles tried to keep me away! My car was completely frozen over & I needed gas but couldn’t even get to my gas cap since the car was completely frozen. After trying to open it with my key, a scraper, and my bare hands I cried out to God in frustration; miraculously He answered my prayer! After arriving at the hospital, God made it clear to me that I was supposed to be there by putting glimpses of beauty around each corner.
                I started out volunteering on Wednesdays but had to switch to Fridays due to my school schedule; today I got to run errands with the volunteers I started out with and formed relationships with and was reminded of how caring of a “family” I have a t ACH. Errands are my favorite since they keep me active and each day is full of spontaneity and adventure leaving no day the same. I absolutely adore interacting with the patients and their loved ones; they brighten my days and I can only hope I brighten theirs! I did discharges today for the first time in several months, so I was scared of messing up but did it anyway. I’ve found the best way to overcome fear is to do what you’re afraid to do; you never know until you try. They ended up going smoothly and I had a blast interacting with the families!
                I then got sent to sit with a child in her room while her parents were gone and the nurses were busy with nursing duties; I had to put on a gown and gloves due to sanitary precautions, which was a first for me! When I entered the room I saw this gorgeous blue eyed and blonde haired toddler looking at me, her eyes glistening with tears. The tech was trying to calm her down and put her to sleep since she’d been up all night in pain. I got to talk with the tech and found out she had the same Chemistry & Biology teachers I had and she’s now graduated; she told me how she got into ACH and gave me hope when I wanted to give up. Before she left she taught me how to work an IV machine so the nurses didn’t have to adjust it every time the little one moved too quickly and set it off; I felt so official!! Once she left I got to play with the beautiful little one; she was fascinated with my gloves and loved her little teddy bear! After a while she got fussy, so I started rubbing her back which calmed her down and put her to sleep. After she was sleeping for a while, I took off my gloves and gown and opened the door; lo and behold she woke up crying! I then repeated calming her down and putting her to sleep and was just about to leave when one of my favorite doctors came into the room to check on her; she started screaming as he examined her and so I told him I’d stay and calm her down. I repeated the routine one last time, waited until she was deeply sleeping and then went to run more errands. It made my day to interact with one of my favorite doctors; he’s so personable and genuine, which are some of the many qualities I love about him.
                After lunch I headed to the Atrium desk to relieve the attendant; I love this desk also but it’s not my favorite as every day is the same and I hate sitting still for hours! I do however love being in the middle of the hospital- in all of the action! After finishing my shift I was walking down the hall when someone stopped me; it was Dr. R who I’d been praying for a long time to run into! This man never ceases to make me smile and brighten up my day as he genuinely cares about my well-being and always makes time to talk; he always asks how I’m doing but one thing which distinguishes him from the rest is he takes the time to listen which tells me he genuinely cares and wants to hear. I believe that this is a rare quality these days as so many of us are in such a hurry or too self-absorbed to care! I don’t know if it’s legal to make friendships with doctors who once treated you, but I want to break that law (if there is one!) They’re human beings just like me and I like making friends and absolutely love to form relationships! The halls of Akron Children’s make me smile and cover me with laughter and joy; kids are our future and how we treat them makes a difference!
                Tonight I got to play volleyball with my amazing youth group; my passion and competiveness within me was relived! Sports still bring out a different side of me which may not always be a pretty sight! One thing I haven’t and will never give up is diving; the feeling of sliding across the floor energizes me and keeps me wanting more- it’s addictive like a drug! Sports make me happy as I’ve learned to take the pressure off of myself and to enjoy every moment instead of blaming each loss on myself. I no longer feel nauseous before I play because of such high and unrealistic expectations of perfection! I just love being crazy and letting the real me come out; I’d rather be myself than be miserable trying to be someone I’m not!
                Oh, & on Christmas Day Courtney skyped us which was the perfect Christmas gift; our whole family together at last! I’m so excited that the other side of the world now gets to experience the essence of Courtney whom I love beyond words and am honored to have spent the majority of my life with.
                Christmas Eve I was one of Santa’s elves at ACH; I passed out gifs to the patients which was one of the greatest joys as giving and love are what Christmas is all about! Watching their eyes become huge and sparkling as they unwrapped their gifts with tender needle-pricked hands put a smile on my face- beauty amidst darkness! Love radiated through every corner of the hospital overtaking the darkness of despair and sickness; Love overcomes all things! That Christmas Eve was one I’ll never forget and hope to experience again! Love truly is what makes the world go round!

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