24 June 2011

No words to express my God!!

OMG- I have goosebumps & I'm not even cold or hot- I'm merely in awe of my God; in fact, so speechless that my goosebumps say it all! I did not have this day planned out this way at all- God's ways are again way beyond my own thinking & comprehension!

I received an invitation to go out to lunch with this amazing family with whom I'd met for the 1st time a month or so ago. If you remember, it's the family I had mentioned on my FB status where the daughter has an eating disorder & the mom has Scoliosis. I felt God telling me to say yes since there was no doubt in my mind that God had placed them in my life for a reason; it's NO coincidence that we had so much in common & also that I've already gone through BOTH of these things. So we agreed on meeting today at ACH. I prayed about it & felt God telling me to bring Leigh Ann Brisbin's book My True Reflection; however I was scared as I knew these people weren't Christians. However, I didn't let fear cripple me & so I took it. When I got to the waiting room, there were ALOT more people then I'd expected- her ENTIRE family! I was SHOCKED! Was I at the right place?! They immediately recognized me & I could feel God giving me words & holding my hand. We talked for awhile & they told me their daughter was looking for a therapist. I thought, "God, what?!" I had NO idea He was planning on this!! I gave them Leigh Ann's book & I referred them to her. I'm still in shock! Now, remember I said they're not Christians; Leigh Ann's book is so incredibly inspirational & full of the presence of God. I KNOW that God was leading them to me so I could lead them to Him! Wow! Leigh Ann is the image of God- when I look at her I can't help but see God flowing through her. What better therapist to send this hurting family to? I have faith that God will do an incredible work in this family's life! However, I would greatly appreciate prayers for this family & also for their treatment team- they're struggling & don't have the answers; but God does!! Prayer is SO POWERFUL!!! Well, anyway, we talked for awhile & then went to the cafeteria for lunch- it was awesome as always! :) The incredible family offered to pay for my lunch but I turned them down. So, we all ate lunch together & talked- it was INCREDIBLE! I felt right at home! 

This morning I called the volunteer office to see if they needed anyone at the surgery desk and they said no; I was crushed! They asked if I'd like to do errands instead, & I turned it down since that was NOT my plan! lol I wanted to see Dr. S & I thought the only place I'd get a chance to see him was at the surgery desk. An hour or so later I got another call from ACH to see if I could run the Atrium Desk until 4; I wasn't excited, but accepted since I was going to be there anyways because of my lunch date. I was nervous because I'd never run an information desk by myself & I'd never been trained; however, I learned pretty quickly from the awesome volunteers! At first I was so bored! They had internet at the desk, so I checked my email & answered alot of questions from others. I loved it, even though I didn't have all of the answers as I'd never done this job before! I also called & made an appointment with Dr. S. I didn't have my school schedule with me when I called, so it didn't work. I called back & made another appointment for August! It got pretty slow a around 2:00 so I decided to do my Algebra homework. I looked up from my homework around 2:30 & saw what I thought was an illusion- something I was NOT expecting! I saw Dr. S & get this- he REMEMBERED ME!! OMG! He came up to talk to me & asked what I was up to. I told him I was doing my Algebra & told him to "keep quiet"! ;) He laughed & said, "Well why NOT get some work done?!" I told him I was in college & that I have an appointment with him in August on my break. He said ok & told me not to work too hard! ;) I can't help but love this doctor- no, I do NOT want to steal his wife!lol He's too old! However, he completely changed my opinion of doctors- for this I will be forever grateful!! I wouldn't have found my love- my Passion!! I'm so incredibly grateful that God chose ME to go through all of this! I wouldn't change a thing! God keeps confirming constantly that ACH IS where I'm meant to be! 

Sorry, my brain is totally flustered & crazy right now- I haven't written in forever! On Wednesday I got to see the awesome Dr. L & went straight from my appointment to the surgery desk. It was my first day running the desk by myself- it was fun as I got to see the doctors & talk to them! I LOVE THIS PART!! It was different being in charge, but I got used to it! I also tried to decide on a topic for my essay due next week- Only ONE week left from Thursday of this class! Woohoo! After  I got home I got to have a phone conference with my bff! OMG- it was nothing less then amazing! I missed my treatment team as this was the first time I've talked to them in 3 or 4 weeks! I missed them! I felt so incredibly motivated & excited after my session w/ my therapist. Thursday was a hard day for me; I truly believe the Devil wanted to bring me down because of the INCREDIBLE strength I've received in & from God! My writing class is a huge stretch for me- it's so dark & brings out the misery in the world! The subjects in which we discuss are so incredibly awkward- I hate it! However, God is getting me through! He knew what He was doing when He gave me the 5 wk. course instead of 14-16!! My best friend told us she was a model- Can I say Triggering!!! Wow- I struggled for awhile with the fact that she's 5' 10" & a model; But, what does that matter I had to ask myself! I had to look at the feelings behind my body image distortion- "What was really behind this?" I was also asked to be a model but turned it down. To me, that's not the kind of fulfillment I want in life & would also prohibit my chance to live without an eating disorder- the pressure to be thin! I want to enjoy life & HELP people! Please don't take me the wrong way- I'm merely talking to myself here; I'm NOT trying to bash my friend's career! For awhile I forgot who I was- ED took over! He  tried to manipulate me into thinking that modeling was the most fulfilling job & that I could have all of the guys if I did this. I cried out to God & He heard me! Today He answered my prayer as He showed me WHO I AM!


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Love reading your posts. You inspire me.

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